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My Lifelong Pursuit of the Perfect BBQ

My lifelong pursuit of the perfect BBQ began in the small town of Scotland Neck, NC.  Every Saturday morning my grandfather would pick me up and we would go to Brady’s BBQ.  Now mind you, Brady’s wasn’t even open…yet!  This BBQ procurement strategy occurred because Brady’s only cooked two pigs a week.  My grandfather was not leaving without chopped BBQ, slaw and flat cornbread…before they sold out. 

As I got older, we regularly held pig pickings at my friend Hoot’s house on the family farm.  A kind and smart gentleman who worked for Hoot named Walter Lee was in charge as he did not want us to burn down the farm.  Did I say he was smart? People came from all over Eastern North Carolina to taste some of Walter Lee’s slow roasted pig and our reputation grew.  That lead to 4th of July parties at Gaston Lake where the “boys” would stay up all night playing cards and cooking a pig for the 4th celebration.   

My career led me to Indonesia, far away from home cooked BBQ.  Not to be deprived, I found Babi Guling in Bali and Manado, which is Indonesia’s version of a Pig Picking.  In Kuala Lumpur, we had El Cerdo…a roasted pig served on a cutting board that was so tender, the servers cut it with a bread plate...

Then comes retirement and back to Eastern North Carolina.  Well, retirement didn’t sit well for me.   Luckily, my father in law’s best friend introduced me to Roland Humphreys, who founded Roland’s BBQ over 25 years ago.  Turns out, Roland was looking to retire himself. A week later I am at the beach enjoying Roland’s BBQ and working out the details to take over a Beaufort institution.   

People have asked me what in the world was I thinking, buying a restaurant when I could be retired.  My reply is; “It is the perfect combination of my life’s passions, meeting great people and BBQ”.  Seems like a no-brainer to me!

My wife Michie and I are proud to be a part of the community and proud of the restaurant.  We trust that you will feel that passion and enjoy the meals we take so much pride in creating.  Make sure you say hi when you come in.  Making friends and enjoying great food is what has made Roland’s special for all these years.